On April 30, 2018, Sun World Ba Na Hills officially launched B’estival 2018, the largest and most vibrant beer festival ever held on Ba Na Hills, featuring tens of thousands of visitors to the amusement complex on April 30.

The opening ceremony started with a beer procession and cheerful dances by European dancers. Executive Director Dang Minh Truong directly opened the first premium German beer barrel to officially launch the B’estival 2018.

During four months of  B’estival from April 30 to September 5, 2018, a million of premium drought beer from these barrels, imported from most established beer workshops in Germany, is on offer to visitors of the festival.

Opened in coincidence with the National Reunification Day as Sun World Ba Na Hills receives on average 20,000 arrivals, B’estival Ba Na Hills 2018 is even more cheerful. Graced with the splendid April sun, thousands of visitors made a toast out of utterly excitement and buoyancy.

The “drink till you drop” spirit of B’estival brought thousands of visitors together and immersed them in upbeat tunes echoing all over the square, further fueled with cool drought beer pints. The most salient feature of B’estival this year is genuine festival costumes of the Oktoberfest that are ordered by Sun World Ba Na Hills to refresh the authentic spirit of this beer festival.

Food courts selling signature Oktoberfest snacks such as salted bread and German sausage and excellent barbecues… are served hot and intensify the tipsy tastes of the gold malt elixir.

In particular, this year Ba Na Hills inaugurated a German sausage factory exclusively for B’estival. To savor this special sausage product is definitely great pleasure.

Ms. Ngoc Ha, a visitor from Bac Ninh said: “I accidentally visit Ba Na Hills in this beer festival. Our family was truly overwhelmed with the atmospheric vibe here. My kids stood astounded with foods on offer while me and my husband have never, ever, enjoyed such an exciting and fabulous event”.

At the second phase of the festival, the Beer Plaza, which was particularly designed for this beer festival to accommodate over 3,000 guests, is due to be put in operation so that visitors are never disappointed with worthwhile activities in this year’s beer feast.

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