A ecstatic and tipsy summer drenched in a million liters of well-brewed black and gold drought beer. An inviting and inspiring summer of non-stop dances in flamboyant festival costumes. A summer of a lifetime with your friends to capture the most jovial seconds together… These are all in B’estival 2018 in Sun World Ba Na Hills, which takes place from April 30 to September 5.

Inspired by the Oktoberfest – a world renowned beer festival from German Bavaria, B’estival in Sun World Ba Na Hills not only stokes the marvelous festive vibe but also adds its own homebrewn yeast of fun.

Beer is not meant to drown drunkards, but testifies the true style of drinkers and bonds friends and brothers together. That philosophy prompts B’estival 2018 to release a series of exceptional sensations and experiences in which beer lovers both are drowned in the golden malt elixir and fully have fun with their friend, so that all participants in B’estival are invited to close the gap and play full up throttle.

A million liters of beer imported from most established factories of Germany will flood the throat and the mind of keen drinkers. No matter who you are and where you are from, all can stand shoulder by shoulder and make some cheerful toasts. Apart frtom Du Dôme Square, this year the beer festival spills over to the Beer Plaza, which is exclusively reserved for this event to accommodate over 3,000 guests.

Joining the vibrant mood of B’estival, visitors can easily catch sight of adorable and beaming European ladies in traditional dirndl dresses while men are clad in strapped lederhosen pants. Sun World Ba Na Hills put costume kiosks at your disposal from the entry gate to the top so that visitors are fully engaged in the authentic festive vibes of B’estival. To drink beer in a giant gathering and donning signature Bavarian costumes will surely be a great addition to your hiking vacation.

Food courts selling some delicacies of the Oktoberfest, including hot served salty bread, German sausage and quality barbecue… are to accentuate the strong taste of quality and pure drought beer. In particular, a German sausage factory atop Ba Na Hills is to provide the festival with totally different culinary experience. An exclusive sausage product for B’estival is definitely expected to intensify your culinary adventure in Sun World Ba Na Hills.

This year B’estival is to march to its own tune literally so that guests will be draped in joys with over 200 European artists who contribute their most elaborate and peculiar performances. On the other hand, visitors can also check in and pose for best photos with creative décor of the festival, from giant beer pints to beer, barley and straw carts.

Mr. Nguyen Lam An, Executive Director of Sun World Ba Na Hills, claimed: “Thanks to exclusively invested developments for such a festival such as the Beer Plaza and German sausage factory, we hope that visitors will be pleased with the novel anad unique beer festival in Sun World Ba Na Hills this summer. All will play up full throttle and out loud with the most magnificent festival of Ba Na”.

Alongside the Danang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2018, the most expected events among visitors to Danang, the B’estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2018 is to fuel your exciting summer and endless funs and feasts for visitors. As summer has come, let’s pack up and head for the highland hub to enjoy this moveable feast.

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