Due for fruition in June 2019 and officially open to the public in dour months, the “Sunshine Carnival” is the first large-scale and long-run art project in Vietnam that has been properly orchestrated by Sun Group and expected to fuel the explosive grandeur of art at Sun World Ba Na Hills in particular and the domestic entertainment industry in general.


The prom features over 200 international artists and actors onstage. The creative team behind the “Sunshine Carnival”purely consists of the veteran fitures of the domestic and foreign showbiz, including General Director, long coined the “Wizard of Theater” Pham Hoang Nam; Music Director – composer Huy Tuan; Main Choreographer Hani Abaza, who used to be a choreographer and performer at Disneyland, Cirque Du Soleil and So You Think You Can Dance (Vietnam, Canada and the US;); Choreographer Sabra Johnson – winner of the So You Think You Can Dance (US); Show Producer, Manager and Operator Cara Volchoff; Fashion Designer Tom Trandt – Top 15 young talented designers of the world as honored by 1-D 2019 magazine… to name a few.

“Sunshine Carnival” – magic on top of Ba Na

As unveiled by General Director Pham Hoang Nam, the “Sunshine Carnival” is meant for colorful storytelling of “surreal” ba Na Hills by the name of the Land of the Light. The dramatic and vainglorious script of the prom is centered on the Legend of the Chưng cakes and Rice Buns in the treasure of Vietnamese folk tales. There, on the very summer solstice, the Sun God summons his subjects from throughout his kingdom to the largest “Sunshine Carnival” of the year. It’s time his constituencies strut their best and pay homage to their motherland and win the hearts of the Sun God. Following the contest, a “Sunflower Crown” is to be bestowed upon the land with the best performance within a year, and the ruler of that land is to be heaped up with numerous handsome privileges.

General Director – Pham Hoang Nam

As the first large-scale art show to be on display in Vietnam, “Sunshine Carnival” is expected to indulge the audience and visitors in a movable feast of pleasure across the seven constituencies of the Land of the Light. Dazzling choreographic performances, unique visuals and spectacular theatrical effects exclusively saved for best international entertainment shows fuel the inner excitement of the audience, and are expected to alter the view of the world to the entertainment industry in Vietnam.

The seven constituencies of the Land of the Light are on their own vastly different colorful realms portrayed with state-of-the-art choreographic marvels. While the Magic Land enthralls visitors with their surreal magic wands, the Land of Ice sparkles in a glowing winter with fabulous choreographic spins and twists on ice rink. Meanwhile, the Land of Joy fuels the air with fetes, frocks and follies, with upbeat stomp dances and uplifting drum beats… to absorb all participants in an endless feast.

I have undertaken a host of TV shows, music videos and liveshows. But the prom is a challenge on its own because Ba Na Hills is a world wrapped up. To create a world is a far cry from easy. It is a bigger challenge that drains more of your energy and labor than anything is. However, should we desire for a world class, it’s imperative to figure out a unique tone in an exotic manner. The hard part lies (in it). It’s what I want to do for Ba Na Hills and for Sun World through the “Sunshine Carnival”“, said Hani Abaza, main choreographer of the project.

Main choreographer – Hani Abaza

Before the inaugural show of the “Sushine Carnival” in June 2019, three minishows that depict the soul and messages of the three most notable lands of the Land of the Light are to be put to fruition in May 2019, in coincidence with the B’estival in Ba Na Hills, long dubbed a “Vietnamese version of the Oktoberfest”.

When it comes to why the prom was so meticulously scripted, Mr. Dang Minh Truong, Chairman of the Board of Sun Group claimed: “With an aim to introduce world-class art shows to Vietnam, we are going to great lengths to heavily invest in the “Sunshine Carnival”. This show is meant for not only our promise to unnervingly fulfill our services and products for visitors to Ba Na Hills, but also our journey of total renewal of Ba Na, transforming the hilly compound into a world-class tourist hotspot”. This well-orchestrated and magnificent show also acts as a turning point in the 10th anniversary of this top tourist complex of Vietnam and demonstrates the international clout of Ba Na Hills, Sun Group’s vision as well as highlighted attraction and peculiarities of tourism in Danang in particular and Vietnam in general for both domestic and foreign tourists.”

Let’s head for Sun World Ba Na Hills this summer to traverse the Land of the Light and indulge yourselves in the illumination of such a magnificent spectacle in Vietnam.

*Main show: Sunshine Prom – 10.30am – 2.30pm on a daily basis from May 31 to September 30, 2019 (save Tuesdays)

*Daily minishows in three venues:

– Sunshine Capital – Du Dome Square

– Land of Joy – Beer Plaza

– Land of Flowers – La Jardin D’Amour

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