Lost in the white snow, wandering into the story of the Ice Land, enjoying the warm Christmas with Santa Claus, … Winter Festival in European style on top of Ba Na this year will be an experience that if you miss, you will feel like you’ve lost the winter.

Taking place from November 20 to December 31, the Winter Festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills resort opens a fascinating European discovery journey, amidst a splendid romantic sweet setting in the bustling atmosphere of elaborately invested musicals that are attractive to each moment.

Opening the journey to “Ice Land” in the winter of this year, visitors will be excited to be greeted by funny reindeer flocks, witty Snowmen, white snowflakes along the path that opens up the adventure with all the amazing things from the City Gate.

It is still a journey to ride among mountains and clouds on the small but very different cable car cabins. It is a bustling journey, filled with the joyful sound of the typical Christmas melodies. More interestingly, the lucky tourists will “meet” a special cabin decorated with Christmas them, so they do not only have great moments to enjoy Ba Na mountains and clouds from above in the atmosphere of the festival season but also received lovely gifts from Santa Claus at the end of the journey.

Noel Square is more magnificent than ever and will definitely become a destination not to be missed in this year’s Christmas season, with a giant 20m high pine tree always sparkling in the space of “Christmas color” like bringing the whole of Europe to the summit of God Mountain. On this side, stalls are made of bright orange and giant pumpkins displaying eye-catching souvenirs, on the other side, the white snow house is like hiding interesting secrets waiting for people to explore. In a corner, the reindeer flocks and all the animals reunites, bringing the warm breath of life.

Meanwhile, Du Duôme Square opens an ancient, magical Europe in the cold winter. Covered in the pure white of countless snowflakes, the towering castles are gently in the winter, the Christmas melody takes visitors into the emotionally peaceful region as if you were lost in the middle of a wonderful European winter.

Along with the colorful and attractive space, the Winter Festival 2019 at Sun World Ba Na Hills also attracts visitors with three elaborate art shows: Land in Mirror, Happy Land and the Snow White Queen. Following the success of the world-class art show “Sunshine Dance” at Sun World Ba Na Hills last time, 3 winter shows will take tourists on a trip to the white snow region, joining in the joyful colorful life of the people of the Ice Land in the Christmas season or meet friendly witty Santa in exciting and attractive dances. Each performance is a combination of many art forms such as dance, magic, circus… All are elaborately staged, bringing fresh emotions to viewers. The three art shows will be performed at different time frames and locations from 10:00am to 2:30pm daily.

Ba Na in the winter, is not only the vibrant festival but also the romantic moments of flying mist, is the sweet, gentle cold that the Southern people crave. So, even though having gone to Ba Na in the spring to enjoy the flowers, to Ba Na in the summer to get drunk with the yeast, people still go to this resort in the winter once, to see with their own eyes, even when the cold goes through their warm scarf in the fog and wind, Ba Na is still beautiful and fascinated.



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