You will have great experiences upon coming to a vibrant Ba Na Hills with endless festivals, amazing shows or adventures to the Moon Kingdom. Get ready to come and explore this summer wonderland!

  1. The Sun Kingdom

Located in the heart of the Land of Giants, the Sun Kingdom is the land of busy markets and festivals throughout all seasons of the year. This land of light, joy and gladness always welcomes visitors with warmth.

  • Time Gate– a unique new project, bringing visitors on a space-time tour to a magical land

Welcome visitors to a new Time Gate. Designed with sun & moon clock icons, the Time Gate is a skillful, delicate combination of sound and the performing arts of light and water to create a magical icon.

Stepping through the impressive Time Gate, visitors are like going back in time, through space to the Land of Giants.

  • Helios Waterfall – Adventure of Hi-La treasures on the top of God’s Mountain

Crafted by Frilli Gallery – Famous sculpture studio in Florence, Italy since 1860, the project is the first one of Frilli Gallery in Vietnam, creates an opportunity for visitors experience the ancient Greek-Roman culture when admiring classic statues such as: Helios God of sun, Apollo God of light, Bacchus God of wine, Venus Goddess of love, Athena Goddess of war and 15 other Gods.

Located near the Beer Plaza restaurant, Helios Waterfall will be the highlight of your journey to discover the wonderland.

  • Food and Beer Festival – B’estival 2022 – a festival not to be missed when coming to Da Nang

Having been a trademark of Sun World Ba Na Hills for the past 4 years, B’estival Food and Beer Festival 2022 will return for its fifth season in a more exciting, vibrant and flavorful version. It is known that the Food and Beer Festival is the busiest and most jubilant festival of the Sun kingdom in Ba Na Hills. Taking place from April 30 to August 30, this will be the ideal summer rendezvous for visitors to Da Nang.

The B’estival Food and Beer Festival at Beer Plaza is the most jubilant and most vibrant festival of the land of the Sun every summer. Colorful bunting flags strung across the aisles, on the premises of European-style shops, and on horse-drawn carriages full of fresh flowers, carrying huge beer crates are like inviting the whole world. Visitors are led into the joyful atmosphere of the festival in a very bustling way, so that just touching the French Village campus will see a vibrant and passionate B’estival atmosphere.

The scent of stout and lager wafts through the air, voluptuous beer bubbles from the glasses in the hands of the girls in festive costumes, golden brown toasted bread rolls, grilled sausages, fragrant roasted chicken, fatty cheese and so on will be the typical images and flavors that make all visitors unable to refuse an invitation to B’estival. Hundreds of delicious dishes will connect the European lands, mix with the cool fresh beer to bring the fun on the top of Ba Na Hills to last long.

The vibrant space of B’estival Food and Beer festival is created not only from the decoration and cuisine but also from the excitement and enthusiasm of the local people here. They are the artists who bring endless fun, jubilant and passionate moments of music, non-stop dance and art shows from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm daily.

This summer, let’s come and immerse yourself in the passionate atmosphere of the B’estival Food & Beer Festival 2022.


  • Market Plaza – a bustling atmosphere with a medieval European vibe

The bustling atmosphere of fairs in Medieval Europe is reproduced in the Fair Square area (The area near the exit/entry of the Taiga & Beer Plaza terminal). With so many banners in the sky, fun booths with prizes such as: Ring Toss, Basketball, Lobster Pot and Spill The Milk will surely bring you and your beloved ones memorable moments of entertainment!

  1. The Moon Kingdom – the land of imagination and fascinating fairy tales

The Moon Kingdom is a land of peace, magic, and knowledge since being ruled by Luna Queen. Visitors will be immersed in the fantasy world, fascinating fairy tales and unique architectural works here.

  • Take the Lava Train – travel to the fairy Lunar Castle

Connecting the two kingdom of the Sun and the Moon, the Lava Train (funicular No. 2) will take visitors on a magnificent space trip on the top of Nui Chua mountain. Depart from Mystery Well Station and stop at Dragon Den Station, a journey to discover the magical fairyland in the Moon Kingdom is opened.

Leaving the Dragon Den Station, visitors enter the journey to explore the Lunar Castle. With 4 floors with 4 different themes: Dragon Den, Wolf Cave, Elite Owl & Moon Square, you will be overwhelmed with impressive architectural lines at the Lunar Castle.

  • “The battle in the Moon Kingdom” – 5-star art “party”

Officially put into operation on April 30, 2022, upon coming to Sun World Ba Na Hills, visitors will be swept up in a magical fairy tale conveyed through artistic language (two performance at 10:15 am and 11:15 am.)

“The battle of the Moon Kingdom” is like a great art party because visitors continuously enjoy elaborate performances, impressive costumes or unique props of large size such as: Horses Giant, Fire-breathing Dragon…

In particular, the show is also a combination of impressive martial arts performances by professional cascadeur and parkour actors and professional dance moves by more than 160 domestic and foreign artists.

Under the kneading of the leading creative team in Vietnam, general director: Pham Hoang Nam, staging director: Tran Ly Ly, Choreographer: Xuan Thao, Dinh Loc; Costume designer: Tomtrandt. “The battle of the Moon Kingdom” will open the journey to explore the magical Moon Kingdom with impressive constructions.

Time: 10:15 and 11:15 (Except every Tuesday) – L4 floor|Moon Square | Lunar Castle.

  • “Flying Eyes” Airship Cinema – admire the world with virtual reality technology.

Have you ever been curious that what will the world look like through the eyes of owls? Cities lurking in the clouds, intertwined with cool green trees under the bright yellow sunlight.

Let’s come and experience the “Flying Eyes” Airship 4D cinema with modern virtual reality technology in a combination of effects such as light, temperature, water …, this will take you to travel the world on a whole new perspective – the eyes of the elite Owl.

Located on the L3 floor of Lunar Castle – a completely new subdivision officially put into use from April 30, 2022, let’s come and see a unique world with Airship cinema!!!

  1. “Ba Na by night – Endless Joyfulness” Night combo is officially back

Contrary to the vibrant and brilliant image in the early morning, a romantic and sweet Ba Na Hills brings visitors into the dream fairy world when night falls.

The fanciful and romantic scene gradually appears in the background of the sky lit by countless stars, where there are ancient and magnificent castles or attractive night parties.

Officially back from April 30, 2022 (on every Friday & Saturday), “Ba Na by night – Endless Joyfulness” Night combo also gives you the opportunity to fully experience Sun World Ba Na Hills at a very attractive price.


A summer full of experiences at Sun World Ba Na Hills is ready for you to explode, get ready for endless experiences at the top of Nui Chua Mountain with your family and beloved ones!

Contact: (+84) 905 766 777


Website: https://banahills.sunworld.vn

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