Tulips burst to greet the world, and here and there flowers are waving to the spring fairy. However, visitors to the Sun World Ba Na Hills flower festival are still stunned by the rapturous flower fairies played by European ladies, who swirl with their petals in a blooming carnival. 




Flower festival “Land of Flowers” has these days drawn legions of touriss to Sun World Ba Na Hills to admire boundless floral carpets in full bloom. Sunflowers, rocket larkspurs, roses or daisies… come into bloom on Ba Na Hills, further adorning glamorous French castle in an exactly fairylike sertting. The most expected “figure” in the first flower festival evel held in Sun World Ba Na Hills is over 10,000 tulip pots. In the midst of that heavenly orange veil, visitors may well feel like lost in the tranquil Netherlands because the tulips in Ba Na are curvaceous and adorable, with thick leaves and beautry that can rival their counterparts planted in the Windmill Kingdom.





This spring, the flower kingdom of Sun World Ba Na Hills is set aglow as the King of Flower – Ba Na Ericcaceae, who presides over Ba Na Hills – holds a beauty pageant to sort out a beautiful and aromatic species. Hundreds of flower species from throughout the kingdom rush to the pageant. On the majestic stage of floral dreams, radiant and vital flower candidates vie for the crown of the fairest, adorning Ba Na Hills with their most stunning colors.



Each flower fairy is splendid. Du Dôme Square is draped in music and enchanting dances from 40 European artists clad in the glamorous outfits of over 40 species.



Each fairy launches an irresistible visual charm offensive to decoy bees and butterflies, alluring passers-by and sending their scents far and wide… The King of Flowers Ba Na Ericcaceae does struggles to pick the most deserving candidate for the beauty crown.




A flower fairy as the fairest creature on earth should go hand in hand with a deserved chivalrous gentleman. Hence, a fencing contest to select the fittest hero was hosted by Ba Na Ericcaceae King who would help him win the hand of the flower fairy in marriage.



Breathtaking and spectacular fencing acts of the chivalry contest also gets the King of Flowers and thousands of spectators on Du Dôme Square goosebumps.



At last, the most deserving flower fairy appears and go hand in hand with her “prince”. The flower kingdom rejoices in the success of this beauty pageant with fervent “Valses of the Spring” or “Valses of the Fine Day”…



For many visitors, the flower carnival on Ba Na Hills this spring deserves to be the most unique one ever beholden on Sun World Ba Na Hills owing to stunning costumes and sparkling, beaming dancers from across Europe.


Your opportunities to witness those prancing fairies on earth are to last until March 30. Day by day, Sun World Ba Na Hills is even more radiant as flowers come into bloom. Don’t hesitate to join the welcoming dance of eternal fairy maidens awaiting you in the true heaven on earth!


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