As rumors have gone viral, finally detective Hoai Linh has figured out the mysterious disappearance of vanishing victims. In this case, he is particularly aided by his clever and agile hotgirl daughter – Baby Sam.

  These days trend #timnguoilac (#seekformissingpeople) went viral on the net as many celebrities posted their statuses to search for missing relatives, colleagues or friends, including Viet Huong, Truong Giang, Bach Cong Khanh, Thuy Hanh… Afterwards, rumors went that comedian Hoai Linh in the wake of missing victims launches a “detective office”. However, as said by Duc Phuc: “Don’t worry cuz we have Hoai Linh the Detective!”, cases are finally closed in a smooth and unexpectedly tricky manner.

The first surprise is that Hoai Linh has a daughter. While the comedian has adopted a series of handsome and metrosexual sons, the god-given daughter of Hoai Linh turns out to be a very pretty girl with good poise and insatiable craving for beaus. The daughter of Hoai Linh also stars an equally unexpected one – actress Sam.

Comedian Hoai Linh and his daughter Sam join force as a great detective duo. Hilarious arguments of these detectives to disentangle worries of surrounding people make the audience shriek with laughter. While the father is well experienced with life, the daughter gets the trump card with her youth and agility. They fit each other so well in their costumes, dialogue and eye contact, even their actions. Owing to their cleverness, problem solving skill and ability to connect clues together, the duo hugely succeeds in closing the case.

The second plot twist comes from the journey of Hoai Linh and his big screen daughter. For a while, they are reported of three missing cases that share some suspicions and similarities, acting as clues to their argument that the cases are possibly serial kidnapping that involves foreigners.

In dealing with deciphering the clues of the mysterious case, the duo presses themselves into a breathtaking and incredible and equally humorous adventure. Character building of the film is a plus because both Hoai Linh and Sam are very trendy and in vogue. Hoai Linh still projects his charm through every single gesture, word and action while Sam demonstrates her mischief, intelligence and a girly sulking manner.

The ending of this journey is beyond our imagination as Hoai and his daughter figure out that missing victims are… roaming. No missing or kidnapping for ransom are true. Because these characters are absorbed in their vacation in an European city with its non-stop festivals and picturesque landscape, the “victims” can’t bring themselves to go home, so their relatives think they are missing.

Just click on the clip to follow this humorous detective journey of Hoai Linh and Sam!



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