Have a great time with the night combo “Ba Na by Night – Endless Joyfulness”

Officially coming back from April 30, 2022, Ba Na by Night – Endless Joyfulness will bring visitors a unique experience with preferential prices.

Ba Na by night – a night experiencing combo of Sun World Ba Na Hills gives visitors the opportunity to visit Ba Na with only 700,000 VND/person & 520,000 VND/child (from 15:00 to 22:00 every Friday and Saturday from June 1, 2022, to September 4, 2022)

Furthermore, with this lovely Ba Na Night combo, visitors can also have fun at Fantasy Park – the largest indoor park in Vietnam with hundreds of exciting games. But the most attractive, “reward” of this combo is the marvelous moments of Ba Na mountain at sunset or at night that very few tourists had a chance to see before.

During the daytime, Sun World Ba Na Hills takes the shape of a girl full of vitality, vibrant and jubilant in ecstatic festivals such as the most majestic “Land of festivals” in Vietnam with the participation of European dancers, artists, crazy with rock or R&B melodies and attractive sounds of cheering up at the B’estival FESTIVAL. But when night falls, there is a Ba Na noble but very romantic, seductive, and mysterious. Not too noisy and vibrant as daytime, this is the ideal time for tourists to slow down a bit, and feel and enjoy the endless beauty of Ba Na.

A beautiful gorgeous corner of Paris at sunset, Le D’ardin Lamour flower garden is shyly nestled in the red sunset. And from the Golden Bridge, which bends like a silk strip drawn from the mountain, it’s seemed that visitors can reach out to grab the red halo of the falling sun dyeing amber to Ba Na mountains and the city in the distance. The moment the sunset falls on the top of the mountain of God makes even the driest people able to be poets, and capture the moments of a lifetime.

At night, the French village castles shimmer with lights in the sparkling night sky. Walking on the stone-paved walkways in the mist makes us feel like being adventured in a fairyland. The chill of the night on the top of 1487m makes people want to get closer together and urges footsteps to find the warm and vibrant region at Beer Plaza, to enjoy the irresistible deliciousness of more than 50 dishes on the attractive buffet menu. Enjoy the aromatic German beer and then get drunk in the passionate lyrics and dances from the charming European boys and girls.

Those fairy-tale-like experiences will be extremely attractive to families with small children. The fun with the beer festival at night will be the most worth-trying experience with groups of friends. The wonderful moments of Ba Na at sunset or when the night lights dim in the mist will create an atmosphere that couldn’t be more romantic for couples. So “Ba Na by night” will be the most interesting combo ever that you must try once in your life./.

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