A fashion show entitled “A walk to the sky” started a project series Fashion Voyage is undertaken by director Long Kan. A highlight of this show is the unique catwalk stretching 150m at the height of 1,400m – aka the Golden Bridge in SunWorld Ba Na Hills. The show took place on July 14, 2018 and attracted huge attention from both fashionistas and the Dômestic and foreign fashion circle.

The futuristic skyline dimmed in the clouds and mist was a great source of inspiration for the Organizer Board to choose Sun World Ba Na Hills, coined as “a walk to the heaven” – as the starting line for project “The first catwalk on the clouds”. Given its peculiar terrain, breathtaking natural scenery and striking architectural setup, Sun World Ba Na Hills is one of the must-visits of Vietnam.

Director Long Kan claimed: “It was fate that sealed me with Ba Na Hills, and I devoted a great deal of my love nad passion to this land. I was absolutely stupefied and stunned by the beautiful Golden Bridge even though the bridge had not been completed at the time. It was the impulse that dictated me to do something magical here. I networked with my peers in the fashion circle. Supermodel Thanh Hang and my close designers who have allied with me from the very start, such as Chung Thanh Phong, Le Thanh Hoa and Le Ngoc Lam, quickly showered me with support.

I daringly suggested the representatives of Sun World Ba Na Hills my desire for a show here and fortunately they gave me their nod in the first place, thanks to the novelty and emotions my show would arouse. On behalf of my Fashion Voyage team, I wished to thank Sun World Ba Na Hills for having made dreams of mine and my friends come true”.

Mr. Nguyen Lam An – Director of Ba Na Cable Car Services Joint Stock Company said: “Fashion Voyage is a show with great idea, and their maiden voyage A Walk to the Sky embodies the dream of anyone who falls for Beauty, fashion and the spectacular spatial adventure in Sun World Ba Na Hills. We hope that the Golden Bridge will refresh your emotions when you all walk and enjoy fashion creations by designs in the midst of the otherworldly and fairylike natural landscape. We thank Long Kan for making a tryst of friendship, authentic passion, adventures and creativity”.

Director of the fashion show Long Kan presents his bouquet to Mr. Nguyen Lam An – Director of Ba Na Cable Car Services Joint Stock Company.

The voyage of dreams set out at the Golden Bridge through the sky, carrying three Vietnamese designers Le Thanh Hoa, Chung Thanh Phong and Le Ngoc Lam, who extended their arms in welcome to British designer A Sai Ta. Besides, the honorary participation of over 50 beauty pageant winners, professional models, celebrities and over 200 high-profile guests was expected to spread and amplify the reputational boom of this show.

Supermodel Thanh Hang – the face of the show and vedette of collection “Lady Clouds” by designer Chung Thanh Phong

In addition to fashion trends and style on fruition in this voyage, Fashion Voyage – A Walk to the Sky also delivered a message: “Live by your dream and inspire your fecund fantasy and optimistic belief in life, because nothing is impossible”.

Miss Vietnam Ky Duyen

  Spotted on the front row, Miss Universe Vietnam H’Hen Nie was deeply touched: “I am here to support a collection by designer Le Thanh Hoa and other designers, and was struck with the elaboration of the whole team. As the rain suddenly poured, just watching the team scurry around and models still press ahead against the cold shook me to my core”.

The audience of the show also greatly admired the professional delivery of the director, artists and production team, as they agreed that the show was a fulfilling voyage to the sky, perhaps related to the unexpected rain.

A second stage of the show promptly welcome model walks in new collection “Green Code” by designer Le Thanh Hoa

  While an usual fashion show hosted under favorable weather conditions just leaves a fleeting, soft impression on the audience for a while, A Walk to the Sky indulges them all in lingering nostalgia, fragments of compassion and enduring fondness of such a brave voyage, undeterred by the rain.

Backstage of the show

Source: Dân trí, Thế Giới Điện Ảnh

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