Where is the Golden Bridge Vietnam? Tourist symbol on top of Ba Na Hills  

Danang Golden Bridge is one of the tourism symbols of Vietnam that impressed the international community right after its launch and reached the top 10 new wonders of the world according to the vote of the young generation (Daily Mail). After more than 5 years since its operation, Golden Bridge Vietnam is still the number attraction of most domestic and foreign tourists when coming to Da Nang. Let’s find out the reasons that make the Golden Bridge reach the iconic level in the next content.

Golden Bridge Information

Other names: Golden Bridge, Giant Hand Bridge, Buddha Hand Bridge, Mythical Bridge.

Address: An Son Village, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang City, Vietnam.

Ticket price: The ticket price included in the entrance ticket to Ba Na Hills (About 350,000 VND/ticket for Da Nang people and 900,000 VND/ticket for out-of-province guests.

Where is the Golden Bridge of Danang?

Golden Bridge is located in the leading resort complex combined with entertainment in Vietnam – Sun World Ba Na Hills on Ba Na peak – Da Nang located in An Son village, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city.


Location Of The Golden Bridge
Golden Bridge Danang belongs to Sun World Ba Na Hills – the leading resort complex combined with entertainment in Vietnam


Panoramic view of Golden Bridge Vietnam

Golden Bridge Danang has an impressive and unique architecture unlike any other bridge in the world. The bridge is designed like a strip of silk, embraced by two mossy hands reaching out from Ba Na mountain. This different design helps Golden Bridge become a tourist attraction attracting a large number of domestic and foreign tourists. Not only that, Ba Na Hills Golden bridge has also become one of the venues for cultural exchange activities, outstanding fashion events of Vietnam and the world.

Panoramic View Of The Golden Bridge In The Morning
Standing at Danang Golden Bridge in the morning, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the vast sea of clouds (Source: baoninhbinh.org.vn)
Close Up Of Interesting Concrete Hands
Close-up of interesting concrete hands that create a unique feature of Golden Bridge Bana Hills (Source: mia.vn)
Golden Bridge At Bottom View
Looking up from below, Bana Hills Golden Bridge is like a golden thread supported by giant stone hands (Source: mia.vn)
The Clouds Covering The Mountaintop Around The Golden Bridge
The clouds covering the mountaintop around the Golden Bridge make it feel like a foreboding place (Source: baolamdong.vn)
Golden Bridge Seen In The Sunshine
The shining sun makes the Golden Bridge glow with sparkling rays (Source: laodong.vn)
Twilight At The Golden Bridge
Golden Bridge Da Nang Vietnam is one of the most beautiful sunset viewing spots in Sun World Ba Na Hills
Golden Bridge Stands Out In The Lights
Whether it’s a sunny day or at dusk, Danang Golden Bridge is still extremely outstanding (Source: nhuminh)
Golden Bridge At Night
Danang Golden Bridge at night seems to take visitors lost in another world, mysterious and shimmering
Golden Bridge Danang Became The Runway For The Fashion Show
Golden Bridge Danang became the runway for the fashion show “Walking on Clouds” directed by Long Kan
Minh Tu Catwalk On The Golden Bridge
“Nang May” Minh Tu catwalk on the Golden Bridge Vietnam in the design of Chung Thanh Phong
Entrepreneurs Performed During The Miss Entrepreneurship Honor Program
Entrepreneurs performed during the Miss Entrepreneurship Honor program that held on the Golden Bridge of Danang (Source: vanhoavaphatrien.vn)
Golden Bridge Becomes The Stage For United We Stream Asia International Online Music Festival
Golden Bridge becomes the stage for United We Stream Asia International Online Music Festival (Source: googleusercontent)
Miss Natasha Mannuela From Indonesia Poses On The Golden Bridge
Miss Natasha Mannuela from Indonesia poses on the Golden Bridge of Danang (Source: thanhnien.vn)
Coach Park Hang Seo Shows His Love For The Golden Bridge
Coach Park Hang Seo shows his love for the Golden Bridge during a visit

Introduction to Golden Bridge Danang

The Golden Bridge from its appearance immediately resonated, becoming an attractive destination for visitors thanks to the unprecedented “hands supporting the silk strip” design. This project demonstrates the relentless efforts of Sun Group as well as the design and construction team. The Golden Bridge Vietnam is not simply a project but also contains the desire to reach out to the world of Vietnamese tourism.

Impressive parameters

Located halfway up Ba Na mountain, Da Nang Golden Bridge is impressed by the “talking” numbers:

Criteria Parameter
Elevation above sea level 1.414m
Length 148,6m
Sphere width 12,8m
Total spans 8 bridge spans
Longest span 21,2m

In addition to the specifications showing the incredible scale and size, the investment and enthusiasm of the construction team for the Golden Bridge Vietnam is also shown through the meticulous selection of construction materials.

The construction team selects materials based on the following criteria:

  • Sturdy structure to ensure the safety of visitors
  • The volume is gently suitable for construction conditions in the back position of Ba Na mountain
  • High durability to withstand rain and wind, light reflection to create a glossy, sparkling appearance …
Part Ingredients
Abutment foundation Reinforced concrete
Bridge pier  Tube steel
Spider Curtaint Wall Tube steel
Rhythm I-beam steel
Spherical shell Gold emulsion painted steel plate
Handrail Glossy gold titanium plated stainless steel
Sphere Natural merawan giaza wood

The construction process of the Golden Bridge

During the construction of the Golden Bridge Vietnam, the design team had to go through a process of researching, sketching, and changing the design to suit the terrain. Construction was broken down into four phases, which began in 2016 and ended in June 2018.

2016: Sun Group contacted TA Architecture to build a road connecting Marseille station and Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden so that moving between these two points is more convenient and safer for tourists.


Drawing Of Golden Bridge Danang By Ta Architecture
Drawing of Golden Bridge Danang by TA Architecture (Source: talavn)


July 2017: Danang Golden Bridge was officially started construction in 07/2017.


Changes From The Original Drawing
During construction, the design team had to change the pillar position compared to the drawing because of the terrain (Source: tckt.vn)

April 2018: 

In the joy of the people of Da Nang as well as the relief of the construction team, Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge was completed in April 2018.

June 2018:

Golden Bridge Danang officially opened to tourists in June 2018. It is also from here that the Golden Bridge in Danang becomes one of the new wonders of the world, creating a push for the development of tourism of Da Nang and Vietnam in the eyes of international friends.

The Beauty Of The Golden Bridge
The Golden Bridge is like a strip of silk spanning the forest and mountains and supported by giant hands (Source: nld.com.vn)


Unique architectural features

The curved design like a silk strip halfway up the mountain is the difference of the Golden Bridge Vietnam compared to other bridges. Standing in the middle of a pedestrian bridge with perfect curvature, visitors will be gently embraced by clouds and nature, as if lost in the foreground.

The glossy yellow color of the railing and bridge shell uses steel plates painted with gold emulsion and glossy titanium-plated stainless steel, so when the sunlight shines down, it will create an iridescent reflection effect, helping the Golden Bridge shine brightly and stand out among the mountains and forests.

The hands reaching out from the rock is an idea that comes from the story of the gods and people at Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden, inspired by the architects to create a special connection between the two attractions.

In it, the detail that can be combined with a bridge is nothing more suitable than a hand. Moreover, the feeling of architects when standing on the side of the hill is like standing on the hands of a god in the mythical world. From this idea, the sketch of giant hands supporting the silk strip was born, carrying the message that people are surrounded by gods.

Standing in front of the hand at the Golden Bridge Vietnam, many tourists call this the hand of God pulling the golden thread from inside the mountain, or the Golden Bridge is likened to the “Gate of Heaven” leading to the “land of foresight”, bringing hope for a bright and prosperous future.


The Idea Of The Hands Of The Golden Bridge
The hand embracing the Golden Bridge of Danang was completed thanks to the creativity and persistent efforts of a team of architects and construction workers (Source: tienphong.vn)


After seeing the hands, visitors assume that they were created from rocky mountains. However, the truth surprised them and the architectural world. The hand is shaped from tubular steel columns, wire mesh and fiberglass with patchy marks, moss so realistic that it deceives the sight of visitors thanks to the theming stucco. Through this, it can be seen the creative talent and enthusiasm of the design and construction team in creating and building the Golden Bridge Vietnam.

During the construction process, contractors and architects faced numerous difficulties from the terrain and weather. Constructing a giant hand with a height of more than 25 meters on rough terrain, potentially at risk of landslides requires a significant effort and endurance of the construction team. Not only that, but the showers that appeared as soon as the mortar was laid out drained of the strength of those responsible for the construction of the Golden Bridge. However, with all hope and perseverance, after only 6 months, the hand supporting the Golden Bridge was completed.


The Structure Of The Hands Supporting The Golden Bridge
The hands are made from tubular steel and coated with theming paint so realistic that visitors assume this is mountain rock (Source: unplash.com)

Meaning of Danang Golden Bridge

The appearance of the Golden Bridge brings great significance to Da Nang tourism when promoting tourism growth up to millions of visitors. After opening its doors to visitors in 2018, keywords related to the Golden Bridge Vietnam immediately covered Google.

When searching for the keyword “Golden Bridge Ba Na Hills”, immediately 90 million results appear within 0.7 seconds, the Vietnamese keyword “Golden Bridge” also gives 150 million search results within just 0.63 seconds. Also in 2018, Golden Bridge Danang was in the top “100 best destinations in the world” voted by TIME magazine, although it was only put into operation in the middle of the year.

Golden Bridge Is In The 100 Best Destinations In The World
Golden Bridge is in the 100 best destinations in the world voted by Time magazine

The appearance of the Golden Bridge has created a “whirlwind” for the world media. As of September 2018, the Golden Bridge of Danang has appeared in 600 articles and reports of prestigious domestic and foreign media units. In addition, nearly 500,000 videos about the Golden Bridge were posted and attracted millions of views. The video on Amazing Things Vietnam Fanpage has reached 19 million views within 1 month. In just a short time of launch, up to 20,000 posts appeared with hashtags #goldenbridgevietnam.

Not only on social networks, the Golden Bridge Vietnam is also favorably mentioned by the world media:

  • The Archdaily website published an article with the title: “Witness the bold design of Vietnam’s Golden Bridge”.
  • The Guardian newspaper said that Ba Na Golden Bridge is one of the top 10 bridges with the most unique and beautiful architecture in the world.
  • The Independent reported that the Golden Bridge is one of “10 unimaginably unique bridges in the world”.
  • The Huffington Post called the Golden Bridge the most interesting bridge ever seen.
  • The New York Times said that giant hands like growing from a mountain are supporting a golden thread – this assessment is almost similar to the original idea of the design team.
  • Bored Panda likened the surrealistically beautiful bridge to the Lord of the Rings movie graphic.

In 2020, the Golden Hands Bridge continued to retain its appeal when it appeared in India’s Luxebook Business Magazine. In addition, photographer Tran Tuan Viet’s photo of the Golden Bridge won the Architecture photography award in 2020.

The Photo Taken By Photographer Tran Tuan Viet
The photo taken by photographer Tran Tuan Viet won the first prize of the #Architecture2020 photographer contest (Source: vnexpress)

Not only storming the media, the Golden Bridge Vietnam also creates a turning point for Danang tourism. Since the launch of the Golden Bridge, Da Nang has opened 4 new international routes. The number of international visitors to Da Nang in 2019 increased by 22.5% over the same period in 2018, equivalent to more than 3.5 million arrivals and 2/3 of visitors to Da Nang city want to check-in at the Golden Bridge.

Particularly for Ba Na Hills, the number of visitors also grew rapidly, specifically:

  • 2017: Sun World Ba Na Hills welcomed more than 2.7 million tourists, accounting for 1/3 of the total number of visitors to Da Nang.
  • 2018: The launch of the Golden Bridge Vietnam attracted nearly 4 million visitors to Sun World Ba Na Hills, up 31% over the same period in 2017.
  • 2019: Visitors to Sun World Ba Na Hills increased by 22% (about nearly 5 million visitors) compared to the same period in 2018.
  • 2023: Da Nang welcomes 6.4 million visitors, up 96.6% over the same period. In which, international visitors are estimated at more than 1.7 million, up 153%, accounting for 26% of the total number of tourists.
Visitors To The Golden Bridge
Sun World Ba Na Hills welcomed 4 million visitors in the year the Golden Bridge was inaugurated (Source: unplash.com)
Golden Bridge Contributes To Stimulating Danang Tourism Demand
Golden Bridge contributes to stimulating Danang tourism demand after the Covid 19 epidemic (Source: nguoilambao.vn)

Records & Awards 

  • On 25/08/2018, Time magazine announced the Golden Bridge in the “top 100 best destinations in the world”.
  • On 20/10/2018, The Golden Bridge Vietnam was honored in the top 5 awards of the year at the award ceremony “The Guide Awards 2018”.
  • On 23/08/2019, The Golden Bridge was awarded the “Special Certificate for Excellence” within the framework of the Property Guru Vietnam Property Awards 2019.
  • On 27/11/2020, The Golden Bridge Danang was honored by the World Travel Awards as “The World’s Leading Iconic Tourist Bridge” and for four consecutive years from 2020 – 2023.
  • On 19/03/2021, the Daily Mail announced that the Golden Bridge is in the first position in the list of “top 10 wonders of the new world” voted by the young generation.
Golden Bridge Awards
“Travelling Oscar” World Travel Awards honors the Golden Bridge for 4 consecutive years


Ticket price to visit The Golden Bridge Danang

The Golden Bridge Vietnam is located in the Sun World Ba Na Hills resort and entertainment complex, so tickets to visit the Golden Bridge are integrated in the entrance ticket price of Sun World Ba Na Hills. Below is the price list of tickets to visit Golden Bridge and Sun World Ba Na Hills (tax included), applicable from 01/01/2024 – 31/12/2024. Tickets prices of Ba Na Hills Golden Bridge may change from time to time, so visitors are advised to update official information at Sun World’s fanpage and website.

Entrance Ticket Time Object Adult Children
01/01/2024 – 31/12/2024 People from Da Nang 600.000 500.000
Out-of-town people 900.000 750.000

With the entrance price of Sun World Ba Na Hills, visitors will be able to use the round-trip cable car, use the train to move at Ba Na Hills, have free fun at Fantasy Park, participate in the game of Mythical Knight, visit the flower garden Le Jardin D’Amour.

How to book tickets to visit Danang Golden Bridge

To book tickets to visit the Golden Bridge Vietnam, visitors can buy tickets at the official website, buy tickets directly at Sun World Ba Na Hills ticket counter or through reputable ticket agents.

  • Buying tickets via Sun World’s official website: To buy Danang Golden Bridge tickets via the website, visitors visit the https://ticket.sunworld.vn/ and follow the instructions on the website.
  • Buying tickets through ticket agents: Visitors can buy tickets to visit the Golden Bridge and Sun World Ba Na Hills through third-party websites such as Agoda, Traveloka.
  • Buying tickets directly at Sun World Ba Na Hills ticket counter: In addition to online ticket purchase, visitors can buy tickets directly at ticket counters or ticket vending machines at Sun World Ba Na Hills. During peak season, the time to buy tickets in line ranges from 10 to 20 minutes.

The Golden Bridge Vietnam is a work with a silk-like design supported by giant hands of international friends admiring and continuously in the top of the most impressive and interesting works in the world. That achievement comes from the wisdom and aspiration of Sun Group investors, the infinite talent and creativity of architects. TA Architecture and the persistent efforts of the construction team. 

Until now, after nearly 6 years of launch, The Golden Bridge Da Nang is still a tourism symbol of Vietnam in particular and internationally in general, attracting millions of annual visits of domestic and foreign tourists, thereby promoting the development of Da Nang’s tourism industry,  raise Vietnam’s image in the eyes of international friends.  

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