Ba Na WOW Danang – Festival Experience Enjoy endless summer fun

The Enjoy the Summer Festival with the theme “Ba Na WOW Danang” with a series of special performance, cultural, artistic, culinary events, held throughout the summer has helped Danang become a city of events and festivals, attracting millions of domestic and foreign visitors. Join Sun World to learn about the festival Enjoy summer right in the article below!

What is Ba Na WOW Danang?
Ba Na WOW Festival Danang is the theme of the Enjoy Danang Festival which takes place from 7 to 8 months by Da Nang Department of Tourism in collaboration with many units such as Sun World Ba Na Hills, Huda, New Phuong Dong, AHT, Tan Thanh An…
Ba Na WOW Danang includes 10 main activities, 2 networking activities and 4 social mobilization activities such as Danang Summer Music Night, Vietnam – International Food Festival, Danang City Paragliding Tournament … In response to the Enjoy Summer Festival, Sun World Ba Na Hills – the leading tourist area in Danang also organizes many programs with the same theme such as Ba Na WOW Summer Festival, B’festival food and beer festival, Korean cultural week, Vietnam-France festival …

Bana Wow Summer Festival Banner
Bana Wow Summer Festival banner in response to Enjoy Danang

With the goal of stimulating tourism demand after the COVID-19 pandemic, Ba Na WOW Danang Festival has brought many new experiences, many interesting programs, contributing to refreshing the journey of exploring Danang for domestic and foreign tourists.

As noted from the Da Nang Department of Tourism, the Enjoy the Summer Festival – WOW Danang has helped the city’s tourism prosper completely. International visitors reached 1.99 million, 4.2 times higher than in 2022, accounting for 33.9% of the total number of tourists. The number of flights to Da Nang in 2023 is 40 thousand, an increase of 1.35 times compared to 2022. In addition, revenue from accommodation, catering and travel reached about VND 28,000 billion, up 44% compared to 2022.

In addition, also in 2023, Da Nang has welcomed about 163 MICE delegations (tourism combined with seminar events) with about 46,000 visitors from markets such as Spain, France, India, Malaysia, Taiwan… On the other hand, Danang wedding tourism is extremely developed, with the total number of visitors attending wedding events up to 30,000 people.
Because of the impressive figures mentioned above, Da Nang expects the Enjoy Danang Summer Festival 2024 to bring the city 8.42 million visitors, up 13.8% compared to 2023.

Wow Da Nang Festival
WOW Danang is the story of the colorful and bustling coastal city every summer


Discover the exciting series of programs of WOW Danang
WOW Danang offers visitors an impressive travel experience with a series of vibrant and colorful activities.
Check-in at the beach
Location: Beach in front of Bien Dong Park and Beach in front of Ha Khe Sea Park.
Within the framework of the Danang Enjoyment Festival, along the beaches in front of Bien Dong Park and Ha Khe Beach Park will be decorated with many vivid miniatures. Familiar items associated with coastal life such as basket boats, skateboards, oysters, snails … are covered with colorful paints, promising to be the photo background of “thousands of people”.

Checkin At The Beach
Mini scenes on the beach attract a large number of visitors to check-in
Check In Space
Lively and fresh check-in space
Mini Scenes On The Beach
Mini scenes on the beach serve the needs of “virtual living” of visitors
Take A Photos By The Basket Boat
Visitors enjoy taking photos by the basket boat
The Undersea World Is Recreated On A Basket Boat
The undersea world is recreated on a basket boat (Source: Internet)
Basket Boats Displayed At Sea
Basket boats displayed at sea (Source: Viettimes)

2.2. Music Festival “Enjoy the Summer”
Location: Bien Dong Park, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
The Danang Summer Music Festival taking place at Bien Dong Park is the opening event of Enjoy Danang Festival. The special music night gathered a series of famous stars such as My Tam, Only C, Hoang Dung, Duc Phuc, Vu Thao My, Quang Dang…
At the beginning of the program, the artists performed the song “Wonderful Danang” to introduce the image of Danang to visitors as well as international friends. The festival took place jubilantly and magnificently with a scale of 5,000 guests.

Line Up To Participate In The Festival
The concert’s star-studded line-up
The Exciting Atmosphere Of The Festival
The exciting and jubilant atmosphere of the Danang summer festival
The Scale Of The Festival
The event size is up to 5,000 people, including artists, guests and visitors
Singer My Tam Performing At The Danang Summer Festival
Singer My Tam attracted attention when appearing at the concert
Preparations For The Festival
Da Nang city invests carefully to have the most spectacular stage
The Response Of Visitors To The Danang Summer Festival
Visitors “hype” enthusiastically with the repertoire of the festival


Vietnam – International Food Festival
Location: Bien Dong Park, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
Vietnam – International Food Festival brings visitors more than 100 local and international dishes with 3 extremely unique experience spaces.
Visitors participating in the festival will enjoy many delicious dishes of Da such as Quang noodles, pancakes, grilled meat noodles … or “travel” to Korea with fried chicken, spicy rice cakes … or visit the Chinese “friend” with dumplings, dumplings, chicken legs …


Food For Visitors To Experience The Festival
More than 100 delicious dishes for visitors to experience the festival
Visitors Experience The Food Festival
Visitors enjoy pouring their own rice paper at the food festival
Food Kiots With A Variety Of Dishes At The Festival
Food booths with a variety of dishes at the festival
Visitors Can Shop For Ocop Specialties And Foods
Visitors can shop for OCOP specialties and foods when participating in the Vietnam – International Food Festival

Kite art performance
Location: Bien Dong Park, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
Kite art show at Bien Dong Park is an activity organized to connect visitors with local people. 30 giant kites of all shapes, mainly inspired by marine creatures such as octopus, jellyfish, clown fish … Flying in the sky, attracting the attention of many tourists.


Kite Art Show At Bien Dong Park
More than 30 unique and colorful kites fly in the sky of Da Nang (Source: Internet)
Kites Simulate Abundant Seafood In Da Nang Waters
Kites simulate abundant seafood in Da Nang waters
Kite Artisans Performing Arts
Kite artisans performing arts
Visitors Experience The Kite Flying Festival
Visitors express their delight in seeing strange unique kites
Cute Kites Recall Childhood
Cute kites recall childhood
Giant Kites Hovering In The Sky
Giant kites hovering in the sky


Paragliding demonstration along the sea route
Location: Bien Dong Park, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
Paragliding along the sea route is one of the activities that attract the curiosity of many tourists when coming to Da Nang within the framework of the Enjoy the Summer Festival. Paragliders will fly along the sea route from Tho Quang beach to Non Nuoc beach, bringing a new visual experience.
Adventure sports lovers can fully register for a paragliding experience to see the panoramic view of Da Nang city from an altitude of more than 1000m. The organizers will be fully equipped with safety equipment, accompanying coaches and tripod recording at a cost of only 1,200,000 VND / turn.

Paragliding Along The Sea Route
Your journey starts from Tho Quang beach to Non Nuoc beach
Visitors Experience Paragliding
Visitors can experience paragliding for themselves
Paragliders Flying In The Air Of Da Nang
Paragliders flying in the air of Da Nang


Paragliding tournament “Flying on Tien Sa”
Location: Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang city.
The paragliding tournament “Flying over Tien Sa” attracted more than 100 domestic and foreign athletes to compete. Each pilot will have to fly paragliding close to the ground, then adjust the engine to make the parachute fly high. At the landing site, there will be a circle designated as the place where the pilots need to land. The pilot will hover over Son Tra peninsula, fly towards the city and land in Tho Quang Sea.


Athletes Participating In Paragliding Tournaments
Athletes participating in paragliding tournaments (Source: Internet)
View Of Son Tra And Tien Sa Beach From Paragliding
View of Son Tra and Tien Sa beach from paragliding (Source: Internet)
Athletes Prepare To Take Off On Son Tra Peninsula
Athletes prepare to take off on Son Tra peninsula (Source: Internet)
The Paragliding Tournament Flying Over Tien Sa
Paragliding tournament attracts hundreds of athletes (Source: Internet)
Visitors' Reactions To The Paragliding Competition
Paragliding tournament becomes the attraction of Danang tourism (Source: Internet)


Nightly performing arts program
In addition to sea sports programs, music festivals, every evening during the Enjoy the Summer Festival – WOW Danang, visitors will receive many attractive and unique spiritual dishes, which are conveyed by the organizers through nightly art performances.
1- Ao Dai art and performance program “Colors of Summer Da Nang”
Location: Bien Dong Park, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
The ao dai show “Colors of Danang Summer” is staged by director duo Phan Vinh Quy and Nguyen Lan Vy – two big names behind Ao Dai Festival 2018, Hue Ao Dai Festival 2020.

The Ao Dai Show Colors Of Danang Summer
Ao dai imbued with Vietnamese culture is presented before the eyes of visitors
The Brilliant Tunics Impress Visitors
The brilliant tunics impress visitors
Visitors' Reactions To The Ao Dai Show
Visitors feel happy when coming to Da Nang and participating in the festival


2- Art and fashion program “Fairy Dance”
Location: Bien Dong Park, Son Tra District, Da Nang City.
The show “Fairy Dance” is a show combining music and fashion by young actors and models. In addition to the colorful dance performances, the children also wowed visitors with new mashup dances and children’s magic shows.

The Show Fairy Dance
The little ones confidently catwalk

3- Art program “Colors of the Sea”
Location: Ha Khe Park & Bien Dong Park.
The music night “The color of the sea” brings a bustling and youthful atmosphere thanks to the performances of famous songs, suitable to the tastes of young people.


The Music Night The Color Of The Sea
Street performance activities with the theme “Colors of the sea”


4- Traditional art performance program “A glimpse of Vietnam”
Location: Ha Khe Park & Bien Dong Park.
The traditional art performance program is themed “A glimpse of Vietnam”, bringing visitors closer to folklore in the Central Highlands through drum festivals, flag dances, ensembles, hut songs, recitals,…

The Traditional Art Performance A Glimpse Of Vietnam
Dancers performing the traditional art performance “A glimpse of Vietnam”


5- DJ and street music programs
Location: Ha Khe Park & Bien Dong Park.
On the beach of Ha Khe, the bloody DJs bring visitors vibrant, unique and extremely bustling performances. Young people who want to have fun as much as possible definitely do not skip this program.

Street Music Shows Are Held Nightly
Street music shows are held nightly along Bien Dong Park and Ha Khe Park

Sea Festival
Location: Beach in front of Ha Khe Beach park square.
Participating in the Sea Festival program, visitors will witness Da Nang fishermen show their seafaring skills through basket picking contests, tug-of-war contests, net knitting contests, fish carrying contests… This activity not only brings a lively and joyful atmosphere to the festival, but also recreates a part of fishermen’s lives in front of domestic and foreign tourists.


Fishermen Tug Of War At Sea
Fishermen tug of war at sea.
Land Boat Racing Game In Sea Festivals
Land boat racing is an indispensable game in sea festivals.
The People Responded To The Fish Competition
The people responded to the fish competition.
Fisherman's Basket Picking Competition
Fisherman’s Basket Picking Competition

Marine environmental protection festival “Blue Ocean”

Location: Nam Xuan Thieu Beach.
The “Blue Ocean” marine environmental protection festival took place with many activities such as beach litter picking, waste recycling, workshops on how to protect the environment, art exhibitions and extracurricular activities on the environment… Through the program, Da Nang city wants to spread the message of improving the marine environment, raising the awareness of residents and tourists, thereby reducing ocean pollution as well as preserving the face of the coastal city of Da Nang.


The Blue Ocean Marine Environmental Protection Festival
Volunteers enthusiastically pick up trash by the beach
People's Response To Environmental Protection Activities
The activity took place to protect the marine environment and raise people’s awareness

Refer to the series of events accompanying WOW Danang
Within the framework of the Summer Enjoyment Festival – WOW Danang, besides events organized and hosted by Da Nang city, some resorts in Da Nang have also organized many activities and events with the goal of bringing visitors the most enjoyable experience.
WOW Danang Photo Exhibition
Location: Han River East Bank Park.
WOW Danang Photo Exhibition is invested by Sun Group with the desire to bring photos to become tour guides, thereby helping visitors understand more about Danang. The exhibition includes more than 50 photos projected through a giant LED screen system, integrating modern lighting technology to recreate a realistic Danang, most vivid in the eyes of tourists.
Not only images, WOW exhibition also entertains visitors with many circus performances, magic, fire dance, stilt walking from international artists working at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

Wow Danang Photo Exhibition
Want to know what’s good about Da Nang, just stand in front of the LED screen of WOW exhibition


“Bana WOW Summer Festival”
Ba Na WOW Summer Festival converges a series of festivals with diverse origins such as German food festival, French cultural week, Korean chicken eating challenge,… In addition to a series of small festivals, Bana WOW Summer Festival also offers visitors many unique art performances, performed by international artists.

Performing Arts Program With Unique Storyline
Performing arts program with unique storyline from artist Ba Na
Tango Dance Recreated At Food & Beer Stage
Tango dance recreated at Food & Beer stage
Korean Dance Was Performed At Sun World
Korean dance was first performed at Sun World Ba Na Hills

B’festival food and beer festival
For drinkers, B’festival is truly a paradise where you can quench your thirst and fill your stomach with delicious beer and rich cuisine. The festival organized by Ba Na Hills is modeled after Oktoberfest – the famous October beer festival in Munich and Bavaria – Germany from 200 years ago.

Artist and actress Ba Na Hills dressed in German rural costume

The festival is held in the area of Beer Plaza in Ba Na Hills tourist area, where colorful flags are hung overhead, below are people cheering, singing excitedly and excitedly over glasses of beer and dancing.


B'festival Venue
B’festival food and beer festival held right in front of Beer Plaza


In the beer tents, yellow and black iridescent beer glasses are served with flavorful dishes such as German sausage, BBQ, cold cuts, grilled ribs, grilled lamb, cheese that make foodie enthusiasts can’t help but be confused and excited. Another interesting part of the B’festival is the contest to track down the King of Beer and the Eater. The winner will be crowned in front of all festival attendees.


Visitors Gleefully Raise A Glass Of German Beer
Visitors gleefully raise a glass of German beer
Food At B'festival
BBQ looks are craving at beer and food festivals
Performances At B'festival
Impressive performances make the festive atmosphere look like the real thing
Visitors Wholeheartedly Drink With Glasses Of Black Beer
Visitors wholeheartedly drink with glasses of Black beer
The Response Of Visitors At B'festival
Attractive iridescent beers make one forget about the summer heat
Beer Barrel Miniatures Are Decorated
Beer barrel miniatures are decorated to make the atmosphere more authentic
The Exciting Atmosphere At B'festival
The colorful flag strip adds excitement to the festival


Ba Na By Night – Passionate Joy
Ba Na By Night treats visitors to a sumptuous party in the romantic and ancient “european” space. Inside Beer Plaza, the “Passionate Night Party” makes people passionate, ready to mingle to forget all their troubles.
Visitors to the party will be ecstatic with a menu of 50 diverse and attractive buffet dishes with passionate glasses of German beer, immersed in romantic dances and lyrics, styles from beautiful and charming European dancers. Finally, the atmosphere of Ba Na By Night becomes hotter and more connected with the campfire.


The Beauty Of The French Village At Night
The lit French village makes people immersed in the ancient beauty
Beer Plaza
Beer Plaza where Ba Na By Night takes place
Visitors Gleefully Danced Around The Campfire
Visitors gleefully danced around the campfire


French Cultural Week
The event is part of a series of summer festivals on Ba Na Hills that impress visitors who will experience French culture through circus performances, comedy, dance and especially traditional Cancan dance and portrait culture on the streets.
Especially, in the area where the festival takes place, the organizers prepared a giant rock painting with the theme “Kiss of the Sun & Moon” located in Convergence Square. Visitors to the festival can put together pictures with numbered pebbles.
For visitors who love French culture, visiting the wine cellar built by France on the top of Mount Chua 100 years ago is an extremely memorable experience. Inside the wine cellar, you will be sipping the taste of aged wines, passionate, fragrant. Besides, visitors can participate in the grape grinding process with their feet to feel more about the wine.


Dance Performance At The French Cultural Festival
Immerse yourself in traditional French Cancan dance
Portrait Painting In The French Cultural Festival
Portrait painting in lead within the framework of the French cultural festival
Traditional French Dishes In French Cultural Festival
Guests are served traditional French dishes
The Hundred Year Old Debay Wine
The hundred-year-old Debay wine cellar on top of Lord Mountain

Ba Na WOW Festival has truly conquered visitors through countless exciting and attractive cultural, arts and entertainment activities. Thanks to the creativity in the way of organizing summer festivals, the peak season of sea tourism, Da Nang has succeeded in enhancing the city’s image in the eyes of international friends, while promoting growth up to 7.94 million visitors to Da Nang in 2023. Let’s wait and see what exciting festivals Danang of 2024 will have!
Do not forget to refer to and update the latest information about Danang tourism at:
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