Experiencing High-Altitude Double Twists with the Alpine Coaster Ba Na Hills

When you visit Ba Na Hills, it’s impossible not to mention the thrilling experience on the high-speed double helix slide – an adventurous yet fascinating journey in this ‘magical realm.’ Tourists participating in the cable car ride at Ba Na Hills not only get to admire the majestic natural scenery but also test their mettle on a self-driving Ba Na Hills’ roller coaster at an altitude of nearly 1,500 meters above sea level. Let’s explore the exciting aspects of this adrenaline-filled journey with Sun World in the article below!

Introducing the alpine coaster Ba Na Hills

The high-speed roller coaster (Alpine Coaster) is the most famous attraction at Sun World Ba Na Hills. It proudly holds a spot on the list of ‘must-try experiences at Ba Na Hills’ for thousands of visitors and travel bloggers. Below, you can find some basic information about this thrilling ride:


Criteria Detail
Name Alpine Coaster 1 & 2
Opening Dates Alpine coaster 1: 13/06/2013

Alpine coaster 2: 10/11/2018

Target Audience Children and adults with a minimum height of 120cm
Number of Players 1 – 2 riders per sled
Maximum Speed 30 km/h
Track Length Alpine coaster 1: 725m

Alpine coaster 2: 694m

Elevation 47m
Ride Duration 7 to 10 minutes per ride, depending on the visitor’s self-controlled speed
Operating Hours 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Cost 70,000 VND per person per ride (for both roller coasters)


The Panoramic View Of The Alpine Coaster At Ba Na Hills
The panoramic view of the alpine coaster at Ba Na Hills from above showcases its impressive length

The Vietnamese name for the roller coaster at Ba Na Hills is “Máng trượt tốc độ 1&2.” while its English name is “Alpine Coaster.” This coaster boasts the distinction of being the first double helix coaster in the Asian region. It was constructed by the reputable German company Josef Wiegand GmbH & Co KG Freizeiteinrichtungen, which has created over 30 famous coasters across various Asian countries. In Vietnam, the Ba Na Hills Alpine Coaster system represents the sixth and seventh masterpieces by this manufacturer, following installations in Nha Trang, Vung Tau, Da Lat, Lam Dong, and Kien Giang.

The Alpine Coaster Ba Na Hills is a roller coaster system that provides an exhilarating experience as you slide through an environment closely connected to the untouched wilderness at an impressive altitude. Participants in this attraction can adjust their speed within safe limits, and each ride accommodates a maximum of two players per sled. This allows visitors to enjoy a private adventure with friends or family. Thanks to its user-controlled speed feature, the Alpine Coaster appeals to all riders, including those who may not typically enjoy high-speed adrenaline activities.

The Alpine Coaster Ride Can Cary Range Of Participants
The Alpine Coaster ride is designed to cater to a wide range of participants

When riding the Alpine Coaster, visitors should adhere to the following rules to ensure safety:

  • Eligibility: Individuals with heart conditions, spinal issues, recent injuries, or a fear of heights should not participate. Additionally, visitors must comply with height and weight restrictions posted at the entrance to the ride.
  • Dual-Hand Braking: Riders must use both hands to operate the brakes simultaneously. Avoid using only one hand or releasing the brakes, as it could affect the sled behind you.
  • Avoid Risky Behavior: Guests should not tamper with safety harnesses, stand on the sled, or assume unconventional positions during the ride—even at slow speeds—to ensure safety for riders behind them.
  • Personal Items: While riding, guests cannot carry personal items such as phones or cameras. These items may interfere with control or pose handling challenges if dropped. Instead, consider carrying a small bag to avoid hindrance while on the coaster.

At the attraction site, visitors will receive attentive guidance from staff regarding safety regulations and procedures. Therefore, there’s no need to worry, and we encourage you to boldly experience the unique alpine coaster in Da Nang at least once to avoid missing out on the unique thrills it offers here.

Complying With The Rules Of The Game To Ensure Safety
Visitors need to comply with the rules of the game to ensure safety while experiencing the slide

3 interesting things about alpine coaster at Ba Na Hills

The Alpine Coaster slide is always a “hot” destination at Ba Na Hills amusement park, standing out with the advantage of allowing players to self-steer and adjust their speed within safe limits. The impressive slide reaches a height of 47 meters, and there’s a souvenir photo camera system arranged along the route.

Two slide tracks, 47 meters high above ground level, allow visitors to comfortably admire the scenery of Ba Na

Ba Na Hills’ Alpine Coaster slide impresses with its height of 47 meters above ground level. Visitors can freely steer the uncovered sled without a roof or doors, allowing them to fully enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The journey begins inside Fantasy Park, where guests slide down and navigate through winding curves along the mountainside, offering breathtaking views of the lush greenery and serene white clouds of Bà Nà. On chilly days, sliding through the misty, ethereal forest adds an adventurous touch.

During the second half of the loop, the landscape becomes more mystical with charming, ancient European-style houses standing out against the deep blue sky. It feels like stepping into a fairy tale with majestic castles steeped in legend.

As you reach the magnificent and poetic spots, visitors can gently brake to slow down, savoring a wonderful moment of relaxation in the cool, refreshing natural air. Take in the picturesque views of timeless architectural masterpieces.

The Neoclassical Architecture Of Ba Na Hills
The neoclassical architecture will be the enchanting backdrop that visitors can admire during the return loop

Currently, Sun World Ba Na Hills’ rides has two sliding tracks and a total of 50 sleds with the following slide lengths:

Slide Track Downhill Slide Length Uphill Pull Length Height Above Ground Level
Alpine coaster 1 539m 186m 47m
Alpine coaster 2 515m 179m
The Double Twisted Slide Track Of Ba Na Hills
The double-twisted slide track with an impressive height of 47 meters of the Alpine Coaster at Ba Na Hills

Self-controlled, the slide is ‘risky’ but guarantees absolute safety

The roller coaster of Ba Na Hills slide system has been safety-certified by TUV, a leading inspection company in Germany. It undergoes regular maintenance and adheres to regulations and technical standards to ensure player safety:

  • Height and weight regulations: Children under 120cm are not allowed to participate in the game because their arm and leg length do not fit the slide. Children between 120cm and 150cm need an accompanying adult for safety.
  • Seat belts for all visitors: Each slide is equipped with durable, stretchable rubber belts that securely fasten the rider’s body to the slide without causing discomfort. This ensures a complete adventure experience within absolute safety boundaries.
  • Maximum speed control at 30 km/h: Visitors have the right to drive the slide themselves, but they can only reach a maximum speed of 30 km/h. This speed allows guests to both admire the surrounding scenery and experience a sense of adventure.
  • Automatic braking system: The automatic braking system ensures safe distance between vehicles, and additionally, there are handbrakes on both sides for players to actively adjust the speed.
  • Fixed track: The rail of the Alpine Coaster is fixed, so players don’t need to navigate the path themselves. Additionally, the two routes have different journeys, providing a fresh experience during multiple rides.
  • Dual-Sided Grid System: The dual-sided grid fence along the slide ensures safety for players while allowing unobstructed views of the scenic surroundings for tourists.
  • Comprehensive Camera Network: Equipped with a camera system covering the entire slide and the surrounding area, it swiftly detects any issues and provides timely assistance to visitors.
  • Dedicated Professional Guides: The Alpine Coaster’s support staff undergoes international-standard training, enabling them to communicate in multiple languages and offer enthusiastic guidance and assistance throughout the entire play experience.
The Alpine Coaster Slide Is Fully Equipped With Safety Measures
The Alpine Coaster slide is fully equipped with safety measures to protect visitors throughout their experience

Capturing Memorable Moments while riding the Alpine Coaster

Sun World Ba Na Hills has installed an automated photo capture system at two different angles along the slide. This system captures joyful and exciting moments of both visitors and their companions during the thrilling journey on the roller coaster.

Visitors need not worry about missing any photo opportunities. Before each photo point, there’s a sign that says, “Smile because the camera is about to snap!” This ensures that visitors promptly capture memories of their Ba Na Hills visit with genuine smiles against the majestic backdrop of the Ba Na forest and the historic European-style architecture behind them. After completing the slide, visitors can preview their photos on-screen and print them for just 80,000 VND per print.

Alpine Coaster Riders Will Have Their Memories Captured
Alpine Coaster riders will have their memories captured against the magnificent backdrop of the Ba Na forest and the classic architecture of the French Village

Real Experience of Roller Coaster Riders at Ba Na Hills

When visiting the Fantasy park’s rides in Ba Na Hills, many visitors are left in awe of the grandeur of the slide system and the natural landscape here. Numerous foreign tourists, Vietnamese visitors, and globally renowned individuals have left glowing comments about this activity.

During a visit to Ba Na Hills as part of the KBS World TV travel program “Battle Trip,” two South Korean actors, Oh Hyun Kyung and Jung Si-A, had an incredible experience on the Alpine Coaster slide. They continuously exclaimed: “Wow, this is so much fun!”, “I could do this all day”, “I can see everything below the mountain”, and “It’s not scary at all!”

The Ms.saigon Team’s Unforgettable Alpine Coaster Ride
The Ms.Saigon team’s unforgettable Alpine Coaster ride during their Battle Trip journey on KBS (South Korea)

In a news report by the National Tourism Bureau of Vietnam, Mr. Keang Nam Soo (24 years old, Seoul) promptly shared his feelings before riding the alpine coaster in Ba Na Hills again: “We Koreans really love this game. I’ve tried it in several countries like Japan or Singapore, but none of the slides have evoked as many emotions as the one at Ba Na Hills. Not only because of the rare three-tier spiral in the world, but also because of the breathtaking natural scenery throughout the entire experience.”

Exhilarating Moments Of Charlie And Ibby
Korean Visitor Keang Nam Soo Praises the Exciting Dual-Sided Alpine Coaster and Majestic Natural Landscape at Ba Na Hills

Like many others, the duo of travelers, Charlie and Ibby, thoroughly enjoyed the ride and quickly shared their excited expressions throughout the looping journey at Ba Na Hills. They playfully responded to viewers’ comments with, “This game is incredibly fun!”

Cassie Ong Has Highlighted The Alpine Coaster As A Must Try Attraction
The duo of travelers, Charlie and Ibby, also had exhilarating moments on the Alpine Coaster during their visit to Ba Na Hills

On TikTok, Cassakating – a renowned food and travel reviewer from Singapore – created a video summarizing the must-try experiences at Ba Na Hills. She emphasized: “Don’t leave without experiencing the thrilling Alpine Coaster ride that winds through the hills!”

Cassie Ong, a famous travel reviewer, has highlighted the Alpine Coaster as a must-try attraction at Ba Na Hills

In her vlog documenting her visit to Ba Na Hills, huyenbread expressed her fondness for the Alpine Coaster ride, saying, “I love the Alpine Coaster the most, and everyone should give it a try!”

Vietnamese Tiktok Channel Recommends Everyone To Try It At Ba Na Hills
Vietnamese TikTok Channel Owner huyenbread Expresses Enthusiasm for the Alpine Coaster and Recommends Everyone to Try It at Ba Na Hills

A Must-Try Attraction at Ba Na Hills Ba Na Hills, located on the west side of Da Nang away from the shores, has become a hotspot for tourists seeking adventure. Among its many attractions, the Alpine Coaster stands out as a favorite among visitors. If you’re planning a trip to Ba Na Hills, consider experiencing the Alpine Coaster firsthand through the video below to get a better understanding of this exciting activity!

Suggesting the Most Convenient Route to the High-Speed Roller Coaster Area

The Alpine Coaster, a thrilling ride, is located within the Fantasy Park area and near two cable car stations. Visitors can conveniently reach this amusement zone via two routes:

1- Thac Toc Tien Cable Car Route to L’Indochine Station

Taking the cable car from Thac Toc Tien to L’Indochine Station takes approximately 20 minutes. Upon arriving at the station, you’ll encounter the Rosa Food Court. From there, turn left, pass through Forever Square, and find the entrance to Alpine Coaster #1 on your left.

This cable car route is a direct connection, ideal for travelers with a straightforward itinerary who want to save time and avoid stopping at intermediate points.

Alpine Coaster Map 1
Direct Cable Car Route to Alpine Coaster from Thac Toc Tien Station to L’Indochine Station

2- Hoi An Cable Car Route to Louvre Station

Travelers taking the cable car from Hoi An to Louvre Station will need to transfer at two stops. First, ride the cable car from Hoi An to Marseille Station, then transfer to Bordeaux Station for the next cable car ride to Louvre Station.

Upon arriving at Louvre Station, turn right, and you’ll see the entrance to Alpine Coaster Route #2. If you choose this cable car route, you’ll have the opportunity to check in at several famous stops while waiting for the transfer, including the Golden Bridge, Le Jardin d’Amour, and Linh Ung Pagoda.

Alpine Coaster Map 2
The cable car route to the Alpine Coaster passes through two segments, starting from Hoi An Station and ending at Louvre Station

Note: The Alpine Coaster ride is always highly popular among visitors, and the queues can be quite long, sometimes up to 30 minutes. Therefore, guests should choose off-peak times during the day, such as early morning (from the opening time) or late afternoon, for a comfortable and complete experience.

Ba Na Hills: A Must-Visit Destination This article has compiled essential information about the Alpine Coaster at Ba Na Hills, providing travelers with insights to plan their itinerary. Don’t miss out on thrilling moments amidst the mystical nature that can only be found at the Alpine Coaster in Ba Na Hills. For quick and accurate updates on operating hours and Ba Na Hills travel details, please refer to the official Sun World Ba Na Hills channels:

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