From April 1 to December 31, 2019, Sun World Ba Na Hills are open to the public well into midnight with bonus combo “Ba Na by night”. Sun World Ba Na Hills lavishes all visitors with most spectacular experiences by night of the foremost amusement hotspot of Vietnam in its fourth consecutive year.
Dark falls on mist drenched Ba Na Hills, in the French Villa of enigmatic castles and mesmerizations, adding a perplexingly eerie charm to this fascinating venue. It is the reason why Sun World Ba Na Hills offers combo “Ba Na by night” at a shockingly discounted fare, coupled with various unique sensations.

From 4pm to 10pm, this brand new Ba Na By Night comb of the complex offers visitors an opportunity to traverse Ba Na Hills for just VND600,000/visitor. The fare already includes shuttle bus from selected destination in downtown Danang to the tourist complex, cable car ticket, a buffet and a pint of German draught beer free of charge at the Beer Plaza. Furthermore, visitors who snatch this great Ba Na By Night combo can also roam the Fantasy Park – the largest indoor park of Vietnam that hosts hundreds of exciting games. However, the biggest and coolest gift that this combo entails is the breathtaking moments of Ba Na Hills as dusk wanes or dark falls, which were hardly been observed by visitors before.


  In the day, Sun World Ba Na Hills are in full swing, like an energetic girl swaying her hips to upbeat and catchy tunes in endless feasts and numerous art performances of hundreds of European dancers. However, as dark falls, Ba Na is clad in the regal, enchanting and heartfelt tenderness of the night. Without beating noises of the day, the time is perfect for visitors to slow down, touch and feel Ba Na Hills at its fullest and most fulfilling.

  A little corner of marvelous Paris at the dusk, the demure Le Jardin D’amour, looms in the shade of the tawdry sunset. From the Golden Bridge that cascades like a flowing sash from the mountain cave, visitors seem to be able to pluck the blazing ball on the sky that spreads its amber gleams over Ba Na Hills and the bustling downtown far below. The sunset on the Lord Mountain, making even driest hearts more poetic and every single random selfies a capture of one’s lifetime.

As night falls and castles of the French Village glaze in the light, just an idle stroll on the cobbled path in the blanketing fog seems to make all mortal dreams in a fairyland come true. The prickly frost at the height of 1,487m brings us all closer and prompts visitors to gather at the vibrant Beer Plaza and relish the irresistible taste of over 50 foods on the buffet menu or spicy buoyant taste of German beer, and indulge themselves in the rocking and uplifting tunes of enchanting European dancers.

  These fairylike experiences are even more fascinating for families with kids. Their tipsy moments at the beer festival by night should be the most worthwhile experience for groups of friends. Enthralling gleam of Ba Na Hills at the dusk or at night all across the cordillera is an ideal backdrop for loving hearts. Then, “Ba Na By Night” is the best must-try that you should pick at least once in your life.





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