Sun World Ba Na Hills – A Stage of All Stars

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This summer, at the fairy-tale world of Ba Na Hills, international and Vietnamese tourists will have the opportunity to meet world-class performers at the The Ba Na Hills Arts Festival.


The art festival is a summer-long event featuring top performers in magic and variety arts, participating in both solo and large-scale shows like Fairy Blossom.

Fairy Blossom, a live-action show, boasts the largest scale in terms of the number of participating artists, the variety of art forms, and the presence within the summer festival of 2024. It features over 300 artists, circus performers, dancers, and musicians from across continents.

The audience will enjoy an elaborate grand dance drama, with 6 consecutive acts that have a continuous storyline, interwoven with metaphorical images. The show conveys a message about the environment and sustainable development, offering both visual entertainment and high-level artistic requirements.

The show takes the audience back in time to the early days of the Earth, witnessing Mother Nature creating all species. As all things gradually appear, life begins to flourish thanks to the love of the great Mother Earth. Humans and nature rely on each other and live in harmony. That is when heaven exists in reality.

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The main highlight is the renowned artists selected by Sun World with the highest criteria, ensuring their reputation and talent will guarantee the attractiveness and success of the show that is “tailor-made” for Ba Na. This is the first time in Vietnam that an International Street Art Festival has been organized, attracting top names in the performing arts world. The performances of the stars are completely new to ensure the uniqueness of the entire show.

Toquocvn Sun World Ba Na Hills Dfmn

Maestro Voronin – Comedy magic legend

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Maxim Voronin – The world’s youngest circus artist, magician, and director

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Anatoliy Zalevskyy – The world’s leading balance contortionist

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Anastasiia Popsulys – Europe’s leading female variety performer

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Lena Koehn – The soul of Diabolo, the World’s Top 1 Star

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Oleg Izossimov – Superstar Ballet-hand balance ARIEL WORLD’s TALENTED record holder

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Tanya – Rising star, talented beauty of the Dinner Show world 

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The chosen director for this highlight show is none other than the Vietnamese Circus Wizard – Tuan Le, a former member of the prestigious Cirque de Soleil and the creator of shows known as the “pride of Vietnamese Circus”: Lang Toi, A O, O Show…

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Additionally, the show’s stage is designed with grandeur and located at the Noel Plaza square, with a capacity of 2000-2500 spectators. It recreates the image of a giant, colorful paradise garden with blooming flowers… along with hundreds of costumes inspired by nature, plants, flowers, and lovely animals.


Everything is ready for the explosive moment when the show debuts in June, 2024, promising a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors. Fairy Blossom show will be one of the special shows Ba Na Hills offers to tourists this summer.

Get ready to welcome a vibrant and exciting Sun Festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills!

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►Daily cable car: 08:00 – 22:00
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