A warmest welcome from Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort. We are please to announce the daily shows and entertainment arts schedule in Ba Na Hills:

At the Du Dome Square:

  • Brass Band Performance: from 11h30 – 12h00 or 14h30 – 15h30
  • Minishow with many Performance items: from 11h30 – 12h00 or 14h00 – 15h00
  • Fencing Show: from 11h00 – 11h30 or 14h00 – 14h30
  • Street magic tricks: from 11h-12h30 or 13h30 – 15h00
  • Silent comedy, Stilt walking & Juggling: from 10h30 -12h00 or 13h20 – 14h50
  • Body Painting: From 11h – 12h 0r 14h – 15h
  • Robot show: From 15h00 – 16h00
  • Shooting Time With Artist: From 11h00-12h00 ỏ 14h00 – 15h00
  • Drawing sketches: from 09h – 17h
  • Specially, don’t miss the Summer Carnival Festival with two special shows from 10h30 – 11h00 and 13h30 – 14h00

At the French Village:

  • Fencing Show: from 11h00 – 12h00 or 14h00 – 15h00
  • Body Painting: From 11h – 12h or 14h – 15h
  • DuO Performance: From 11h – 13h or 14h30 – 16h30

At the d’Amour Flower Garden:

  • Bryant Band Performance: 11h00 – 13h00 or 14h30 -16h30
  • Body Painting: From 10h – 11h30 or 13h – 14h30

The art performance will be continued at night with eventful activities on Friday, Saturday, Sunday every week.

  • Bryant Band Performance: 18h – 18h30
  • DuO Performance: From 18h30 – 19h
  • Fire show: 19h00 -19h30

*** The schedule of performance can be changed because of weather

We wish you have happy times in Ba Na Hills!

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