When coming to Ba Na, tourists can not miss discovering a romantic flower garden – Le Jardin D’Amour. 9 gardens in Le Jardin D’Amour are 9 interesting stories in 9 unique architectural styles. These create a poetric and colorful space.

Legend Garden

Magnificient posts in Legend Garden is taken inspiration from Olympia Peak with many genies of the hilly land – Athens, Egypt.

Mo Spring Garden

Locating on gently slope terrain with extensive view, Suoi Mo Garden is composed on stepped floors separated by romantic violet of Arapang Flower intermingle with bright yellow of  Hemerocallis.

Memory Garden

The water flows or memory flows accompanied with 4 genies are symbolized for 4 poetic seasons.

Thought Garden

Endless flow of sand glass is concluded at a thoughtful chess match of Western style

Love Garden

Love Garden owns many fine cultural characters and lively patterns of French style.

Heaven Garden

Heaven Garden locates in the intersection of Sky and Land. This is an ideal place to contemplate sunset. The garden is lively with bright colorful flower segments and unique with illustrations of bell peach blossom – a symbol of Ba Na Hills Park.

Holy Garden

The God of Love is the witness of two lovers’ oath. French classical romantic spirit along with two statuses – violent and gentle creates an unique structure of Holy Garden.

Secret Garden

Secret Garden is an attractive labyrinth provoking tourists to discover. This Garden has the largest area of tree wall all over the world.

Grape Garden

Grape Garden is attached with over-100-year-old ancient wine cellar. Grape cultivating land in the South of France has been reappeared by well-designed scenery details and green layout in Grape Garden.

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