Vietnam’s Daring Golden Bridge Takes a “Hands-On” Approach to Tourism

In the mountains above Da Nang, Vietnam sits a unique piece of bridge design. Winding its way around a 150-meter course lined with flowers, a golden bridge shimmers against the Ba Na Hills, supported by a pair of giant hands.

The Golden Bridge opened to visitors in early June, in the tourist retreat of Thien Thai Garden. The bridge sits 1,400 meters above sea level, an altitude which creates the illusion of a silk strip hiding in the clouds above Da Nang.

According to The Spaces, the scheme is reportedly part of a $2 billion project to entice tourists to the area. Although a designer has not been linked to the realized structure, renderings of the scheme have previously been created by TA Landscape Architecture. 

While undoubtedly distinctive, the Golden Bridge is not alone in the architectural typology of oversized objects. Further examples including giant ducks, dogs, and dinosaurs can be found in our roundup of weird and wonderful architectural novelties.


  • Height: 148.6 m, including 8 arches
  • Largest arch: 21.2 m
  • Bridge surface width: 3m
  • Surface material: Timber
  • Banister: Gold-plated Inox
  • Elevation above sea level: 1414m
  • Construction duration: From July 2017 to April 2018


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