As the ideal destination for the whole family, Fantasy Park has been built and designed on the inspiration from two famous novels “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” and “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” of a French Author Jules Verne. This park opens a lively and attractive entertainment world with many games exciting funny and surprised feelings for the children.

Walking in Fairy Forest, discovering Dinosaur Park, conquering the top with 29m Free-Fall Tower along with modern 3D, 4D, 5D movie system, etc. and over 90 free games will surely bring exciting experiences to the tourists.

Fantasy Park

Influenced by the two novels Journey to the Centre of the Earth and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne, Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort has launched a new indoor entertainment zone featuring 21,000 square metres of space for the whole family.

Spread over three floors, Jules Verne and his beautiful girlfriend Claudette invite you to discover X-games, exploration games and many others. Together with their friends Monkin, Spunky and Gubly, you are sure to enjoy a wonderful, memorable adventure.

Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park satisfies the entertainment demands of all ages, featuring amusing games for children to X-games for adults. Our international-standard theme park also provides three main food courts serving Western and Asian food alongside souvenir shops offering various mementos to choose from.


The Story

Over 100 years ago existed a Frenchman who wished to be an explorer. His name was Jules Verne and he managed to travel around the world with his girlfriend Claudette.

During one of their trips to the Asia Pacific, they stopped in a beautiful area near the Han River. Having discovered a valuable map, they followed it to a mountain where they uncovered an underground path to an entirely hidden world full of many strange creatures. Jules and Claudette found themselves very curious to discover everything they could about this hidden realm.

Forced to overcome many challenges, they finally reached the mountain. After a short climb, they sought to discover another hidden path. A few days from their start, they came across the elusive path, concealed by the trees. Upon following it, they found a beautiful, hidden world complete with stunning creatures. From here they started their beautiful journey.

To know more about Jules, at 17 years of age he has already had many exciting trips around the world. Smart, strong and a true explorer, Jules is not afraid of anything and has a kind, gentle soul, always willing to help others.

Claudette, 16 years old, met Jules on an exploration trip and decided to travel the world with him. She loves animals and is an excellent caretaker. Smart and funny, Claudette instils happiness in everyone she meets.

Monkin impresses everyone with his long tail and beautiful, colour-changing feathers. A funny little bird, he loves to climb and is a fast runner. His most honoured activity is playing with children.

Don’t let Spunky’s small stature fool you; he’s a fascinating and remarkable little creature. Every story he tells will leave you in fits of giggles and he loves to play all throughout the day with no rest. When Spunky is around, something interesting is bound to happen.

Skiver, also a friend of Jules and Claudette, most enjoys flying around the Fantasy Park.

Gubly, the largest of all their friends, is strong and insatiably hungry. Fruits are his favourite and they help keep him big and strong. Underneath it all, he’s got a big, warm heart.



Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park is a unique indoor entertainment zone in Vietnam and the world over. Located on the top of Ba Na Chua Mountain, experience fun and amusement as never before.

Our 3D mega 360-degree cinema remains the first and only of its kind in Vietnam. A rarity around the world aside from Japan, check out the most modern cinema experience there is.

Our 4D and 5D cinemas are also the first of their kind in Vietnam. As we play special films, be amongst the first in the country to enjoy this experience.

Featuring the highest indoor tower drop ride in Vietnam, from an impressive 29 metres, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding area from atop the tower.

If heights and rock climbing fall amongst your interests, you will assuredly want to visit our 21-metre high wall, which will give the feeling of climbing a real mountain.

Visit the largest collection of and arena for Bumper Cars (Fire Race) in the nation with a whopping 600 square metres of driving space.

We also have an exclusive indoor Jurassic Park (Back to the Jura) featuring the biggest dinosaurs you will find in Vietnam.

Adventure to the centre of the earth (Underground Adventure), a unique experience throughout the world. SunGroup holds this copyright.

We offer an area featuring soft-play entertainment for young children with the biggest dedicated area in Vietnam.

All of the characters at Ba Na Hill Fantasy Park guide guests towards fun-filled time throughout our expansive facility. They will engage you to join in on adventurous, fun and modern games which offer an essence of fairy tale as well as providing visitors with the feeling of being close to nature. Experience any or all of the thrills, soaring, romantic adventures, and challenging bravery games.


Have you ever dreamed of travelling to space? Skiver welcomes everyone to join him on his aircraft. You will become a real astronaut, freely deciding and controlling the ship on your own. Keep in mind that laughter will help dispel tiredness and stress. Are you brave enough for this mission? Join Skiver and take off into space!

Jurassic Park

Discover all of the secrets of the world 150 million years ago and relish in the restoration of dinosaurs. You will hear the sounds of a Tyrannosaurus Rex near the amiable Brachiosaurus. Journey through the Jurassic era into the Ice Age to the ancient house of Cavemen, human’s ancestors. You will feel like you’ve truly gone back in time.


Do you enjoy conventional, single player racing games? Outrun comes with special features which add to the dramatic feeling of being on a racecourse. Choose from Ferrari, Lamborghini or a Red Bull Formula 1 car topping out at 300 kilometres per hour. Experience the vibrations of being in a real race car as images flash by. Be sure to check your performance score on the big screen!


You’ve been familiar with windmills since you were a small child. Now you can enjoy panoramic views of the amusement park whilst floating through the air. The windmill is excellent for children and adults alike.


Dependent not only on skill, but also luck, these 12 carnival games will keep you on your toes. Including hoop throwing, shooting ghosts, basketball, throwing darts, and more, each game will elicit a feeling of excitement. Winners will be rewarded with thrilling gifts.

Fire Fighter Hero

To become a fire fighter is the dream of many young children. This dream can come true at Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park. Children will be real fire fighters and get to use the necessary equipment to extinguish the fire. Be quick!

The Tiny Explorer

Here you will find a small playground for children in which they can freely play cool and fun games. Parents can observe as their children discover a world of their own, perhaps unearthing a hidden talent or creative idea.

Prize Game

Offering more than 30 games, each requiring a different set of skills, come show off your special abilities! Your score will be recorded so that you can win a prize afterward. Dependant on each score band, scorers will be given a different prize. The higher your score, the better your prize. Come play!

“Around the World in Eighty Days” Ferris Wheel

Introducing exciting and entertaining music for children, Jules spent time creating this game. Young guests will go on a thrilling journey designed and based on the book Around the World in Eighty Days.

Follow the Leader

This children’s game allows them to drive various vehicles themselves From cars and trains to helicopters and planes, fun will be had by all. Try your best to quickly make it through all of the challenging streets!

Ocean Trip

Take a trip to the bottom of the ocean. Swim with lovely seahorses whilst admitting the sweet music of the beautiful mermaids.

Fairy Forest

Experience all nature has to offer, mountains, springs and mystic trees. Children can become real cavalrymen, riding on the back of beautiful horses through the mystic forest. This is a place where children can really conquer challenges; parents won’t want to miss this!

Prize Catching

Try and challenge yourself by playing this prize fetching game. Be patient while you control the robot to pick up your prize. With many prizes to be awarded, try to get as many as you possibly can for yourself or your loved ones. This is also a memorable token of your visit to Ba Na Hills Fantasy Park.

5D Wild West

You will not want to miss a visit to the first 5D cinema in Vietnam. Enter the Wild West and become a film hero, the cowboy fighting up to 29 wicked rivals. Stay focussed so that you can find and defeat all of your hidden and attacking rivals. With good focus and aim, you could be awarded a high score and the title of best gunner around.

Death Race

The 4D Death Race at Ba Na Hills is the most modern 4D cinema throughout all of the national theme parks. The theatre has more than 28 seats featuring a motion engine, a large 3D screen and other machines for special effects such as wind, steam, smoke, etc. You will feel like a pilot amongst the F1 airplanes in the fastest race of your life.

Junior Explorer

Do you want to be a Junior Explorer just like Jules and Claudette? Join our kids’ house where children can play freely and discover new things. We offer complex games, including climbing, ball throwing, moving throughout tubes, and obstacle courses. Children can also play basketball or football.

3D mega 360

Have you ever seen dinosaurs in the forest or the variety of life in the ocean? Our 3D 360-degree screen and special effects will make you feel like you’re there, including the motions and lively sounds. Experience the joy and excitement of getting lost in a completely new world.

Horror House

Surely you’ve already seen some horror films or heard ghost stories. Jules and Claudette find themselves lost along their journey and end up in an abandoned house with many horrors. Come and enjoy the thrill of terror.

Underground Trip

Team up with the lead from Journey to the Centre of the Earth with Jules Verne. A car will take you deep into the underground, surrounded by darkness. Many dangerous things await your arrival, attacking from all sides of your vehicle. Don’t worry, you will have a weapon to defend yourself against these rivals.

VIP Room

Here you can share happy, private moments with your friends and family to celebrate special occasions. Does your party require a private area and freedom? Our party room located on floor B3 of the Fantasy Park is the perfect place for your needs.

Spider Man

Discover what it’s like to live on the edge of a cliff! At a height of 21 metres, our climbing wall is thought to be the largest in South East Asia. We have professional guides to help you climb to the top of the peak. Regardless of your skill level, our professionals are always on hand to help take care of you.

Tower Drop

From bottom to top, this ride is 29 metres high. From the highest peak you can see the spectacular view of Ba Na Hills just before you are dropped into the depths of a cave. The Tower Drop is strictly for the brave. The memory will stay with you.

Shooting Video Game

Get lost in the midst of large fights as you play the hero fighting the bad guys. Choose a modern gun, show your intelligence and use quick reactions to fight back. Our bad guys have been imported from the most famous brands: SEGA, NAMCO and TAITO.

Wax Museum

Displaying more than 40 well-known actors, politicians and athletes, Ba Na Hills has opened the country’s first wax museum. Walk the red carpet with the stunning Brad and Angelina, or get a good look at the gentle and handsome David Beckham. Make your dream to stand amongst your idols come true.


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