Long ago, when the mountain was still very wild, there were very few people who came to Ba Na to hunt and cut down the trees. A rumour began, “The scariest thing is the tigers in Ba Na, and the second scariest is the ghosts of Phuc Tuu.” Thus, locals began to worship the gods of the mountain who they hoped would provide safety and security.

According to a document written by Dr Albert Sallet, from France, the God of the mountain is female and goes by the name Duc Ba – a name that represents the respect of all people.

French commandos came to explore Ba Na – Nui Chua, whilst still observing respect for her. They built a temple in her name in 1931. Found on the temple were the names La Borde and Spick. Hence the temple of Ba was born.

Despite the war, Ba Shrine has remained intact. The shrine has been reserved and rebuilt, later becoming a stop for tourists to pray.

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