Recently, Ba Na Hills was honored as among the Top 5 at the “Honors and Awards ceremony of Viet Nam Tourism Award 2016”. This is the second year consecutively Ba Na Hills has received this only annual award of Vietnam Tourism Industry.

Satisfying all the rigorous criteria and assessment of the Voting Council, Ba Na Hills was awarded the noble title of “Vietnam’s leading resort” for the second time. This award further confirms the creditability, service quality and the contribution of Ba Na Hills resort to the growth of Danang tourism as well as the enrichment of Vietnam tourism products, attracting domestic and international visitors.

Since the very first day of operation, Ba Na Hills Resort has continued to innovate, providing new and novel experience to visitors. Additionally, Ba Na Hills is also the image of a joyful and friendly resort with a chain of festivals taking place throughout the year: Flowers Festival in Spring, Wine Festival, Summer Cheering Festival, Street Carnival, etc. Right at this moment, in Ba Na Hills the “A glimpse of France” week is happening, bringing visitors deep sense of typical French culture.

With high evaluation from other organizations as well as the visitors themselves, Ba Na Hills Resort is still making its effort to perfect itself to bring tourists even more unique and satisfactoryexperience. The success of Ba Na Hills also confirmed the sustainable investment strategy of Sun Group, not only in Danang but also all over Vietnam.

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